CyberStars of Uganda 2022

Cyber Stars Uganda 2022

Cybersecurity has emerged as one of the key aspects that must be addressed in order to realise the reliability of communication services today. This necessitates the development of local cybersecurity skills.

In this regard, the Uganda Communications Commission(UCC) has partnered with Silensec in organizing a national cybersecurity competition called the Cyber Stars of Uganda.

This competition shall provide a virtual space for local university students aged between 18-25 years to learn more about cybersecurity and develop their skills in this field.


• Build a culture of cyber awareness amongst the youth.
• Reduce the human capacity gap in the cybersecurity field
• Enhance national expertise in cybersecurity operations


Please read the following Rules section carefully, and abide by them during the contest. Disregarding the rules may result in your team being disqualified.

Competition Schedule

wdt_ID Phase Dates Description
1 Registration and Pre-selection 30th May to 30th June 2022 Registration and Selection of University Students
5 Launch Workshop 1st July 2022 Workshop
6 Mentorship 4th July - 27th July 2022 Mentorship Workshop
7 National Semi-finals 22nd July 2022 Students from each university compete among themselves,
the best will form teams of 3s to represent the university
at the national level
8 National Finals 29th July 2022 The selected teams from the various universities will compete
in a national live event to determine the best team/university
9 Awards 29th July 2022 Winners will be awarded

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