CyberStars Competition Rules

  1. Use common sense. If you feel like what you’re doing is disrupting the competition in any way, STOP doing it. Don’t wait for us to tell you or you may be disqualified.
  2. Any kind of communication with other people, whether or not participants of the competition is not permitted. That includes the sharing of flags, answers, tips or any other information that may assist others during the competition. We encourage you to work individually
  3. Don’t post or publish flags or solutions to challenges as this will ruin the fun for everyone else during the competition and spoil the experience for future users
  4. Don’t try and attack other participants.
Specifically, DO NOT CARRY OUT Denial-of-Service attacks, Brute force attacks or any other attack that may disrupt the services of CYBER RANGE. When in doubt, follow rule [1]
  6. If you happen to be oblivious to rules [5] and discover a vulnerability on CYBER RANGE domains, then we urge you to e-mail us in private so we can fix it and everyone else can enjoy the fun. We will give you credit once the competition has finished and buy you a cookie and some coffee. You will also earn our respect, which is hard to come by.
  7. Be nice. DO NOT use profanity, DO NOT spam, DO NOT harass other players.


  1. Every challenge and question has an assigned points and penalties, which are representative of our perceived difficulty of the challenge or question.
  2. For each challenge you are allowed a maximum of three attempts, after which the challenge is locked and you can no longer submit answers to that challenge
  3. For every incorrect answer you give you will receive a penalty in the form of negative points. The size of the penalty varies according to the challenge. Make sure you make a note of the value of the penalty for each challenge
  4. Your total score is the sum of the points you obtain from every problem you solve minus the penalties you have incurred by answering the challenge incorrectly
  5. In case of ties, the time taken to solve the challenges will be used as the tie-breaker.
  6. There are no bonus points, so do not attempt to find hidden flags outside of the challenges.

Competition Tools

  1. The Competition runs on the CYBER RANGE platform by Silensec: in order to participate it is mandatory for you to create an account;
  2. YOU MUST USE FIREFOX or CHROME browsers. Other browsers are not fully supported
  3. MAKE SURE YOU DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL AN OPENVPN CLIENT AND CONFIGURE IT WITH YOUR INDIVIDUAL CYBER RANGE VPN CERTIFICATE before you join the competition and that you test your connectivity by playing one of sample scenarios on the platform.
  4. ‘A fool with a tool is still a fool’ – You can use whichever tool you like and are used to. However, you only need your brain and some open source tools.

Start and End Times of the Competition

  1. The Competition will start when the Organizers will unlock the game
  2. The Competition will run for the amount of time set in the Competition announcement
  3. When you start the competition, a clock will display a countdown so that you know how much time you have left
  4. The competition will end for you when one of the following three events occur
    • The competition countdown has reached ZERO
    • You have clicked on the FINISH BUTTON on the last question to submit all your answer. DO NOT CLICK on the FINISH BUTTON UNTIL YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY SURE YOU WANT TO SUBMIT ALL YOUR ANSWERS
    • You have been kicked out of the competition for not abiding by the CyberStars Competition Rule
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