Code of Ethics

The objective of the CyberStars competitions is to find and help forge the next generation of cybersecurity professionals. However, being a professional takes more than just being good at something or being competent in specific areas of cyber security. That is just one aspect of being a professional.

Professionals must abide to a code of conduct and cyberstars must demonstrate the understanding of and adherence to the CyberStars Code of Ethics. Non compliance with the CyberStars Code of Ethics will result in disqualification from the competition at anytime or even the revocation of assigned awards where applicable.


A professional is a person making a vow to provide valuable services to others and to society and a profession is defined as a vocation or the making of a vow to serve. People making such a vow become members of a profession and society accepts the profession, expecting it to serve the profession’s declared social goals.

As professionals, we commit to the code of ethics and professionalism in respect of the profession and of the society we serve. The code defines the pillars sustaining the profession and our commitment to the code is our commitments to sustain the profession and the profession’s declared social goals.

The CyberStars code of Ethics and Professionalism contains four canons across the three pillars of competence, duty and integrity.


Ensure professional competence and experience


Serve society, others and the profession Protect and Advance the Profession


Act with integrity at all times

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