Tanzania joins Cyberstars Competition

The government Tanzania government through Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA) has thrown her support to the global Cyberstars competition organized by Silensec. Tanzania is the second East African state to join the competition after Rwanda where the competition enjoyed massive success thanks to the support of the Rwandan government through Rwanda Information Society Authority (RISA) and Ministry of ICT and Innovation (MINICT) under the leadership of Innocent Muhizi (CEO RISA) and Maurice Kajangwe (Senior Engineer in charge of Cyber Security at MINICT) and all the staff the involved.

As part of the implementation of cyber security capacity building for the youth and responding to the identified skills gap Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA) of in partnership with Silensec is holding the first ever cyber security competition in the country; the first competition to be carried on a real Cyberrange (visit https://cyberranges.com) currently being used by ITU to conduct Cyber Security drills across the world. Darius Luhuga and Irene Kahwiri of TCRA are spearheading the organization and execution of the competition in Tanzania.

This competition primarily targets the 18-24 university students studying IT, however, even non-ICT students with interest in information security can take part. To participate one will need to register and create a profile on https://cyberstars.pro/profile/register/ The competition shall be conducted on a real cyberrange to test participants’ competence in the domains of Ethical Hacking, Computer Forensics, Intrusion Detection and Security Monitoring.

Currently, a number of students have expressed their interests in the competition by registering on line, however, we expect the numbers to increase over a period of time.

There is also great potential that other East African countries (Kenya, Uganda, Burundi) and many African countries and the Middle East are going to take place in this year’s competition.

The Arab Region Cyberstars 2019 competition organized by Arab Region Cyber Security Center (ARCC) shall be launched on 23/2/2019 in Oman.

Cyberstars, building the next generation of Cyber Security Professionals!





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    medusa50 says:

    Hi there, i joined cyberranger platform and i decided to play but once the game started i couldnt interact with the game, anyone please help me out

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