Threat Hunter 2019 is Here!

The ITU Arab Regional Cyber Security Center (ITU-ARCC) was established by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and the Sultanate of Oman, represented by the Information Technology Authority with a vision of creating a safer and cooperative cybersecurity environment in the Arab Region. In line with the objectives of the ITU Global Cyber security Agenda (GCA), ITU-ARCC acts as ITU’s cybersecurity hub in the region localizing and coordinating cybersecurity initiatives.

ITU-ARCC has collaborated with Silensec to run the the Cyberstars of Arab Region dubbed Threat Hunter 2019; after a successful campaign in 2018 that saw many Arab region such Oman, Kuwait, Palestine, Qatar, Egypt, Tunisia, Lybia among other, ARCC and Silensec are continuing to work hand in hand in building capacity for a safer cyber world in the Arab region.

The Arab Region Threat Hunter competition under the umbrella of Cyber Stars attracts cyber security enthusiasts of age groups 17-24 (student category) and 24 and above years (professional category). The professional category (24 plus years) has been introduced so as to give everyone a fair chance to get mentored and build capacity in the field of Cyber Security environment thus helping address the growing cyber security skills gap and to help nations identify and forge the next generation of cybersecurity professionals. For further information about the competition please visit:

The competition focuses on the three main domains of Cyber Security;

  • Ethical Hacking
  • Computer Forensics
  • Intrusion Detection & Security Monitoring

The first category of the competition (age group 17-24 years) will undergo the full cycle of the competition as listed below;

  • Registration on
  • Pre – qualification
  • On line -semi finals
  • National finals (3 winners)
  • Regional Finals (the 3 winners representing their nations)

Apart from certifications, each nation might choose to award their winners as the deem fit.

While responding to the Silensec team, (the company behind this cyberrange gamification), ARCC has indicated that this year the ARCC is going to bring many countries on board as this is a sure way of building capacity for governments in the field of Cyber Security with the intention to change the notion that Cyber Security is only about HACKING hence the introduction of the professional category for people already in practice to further sharpen their skills.

This competition is the first to be undertaken on real cyberranges (visit
with practical gamifications into real computer attacks, defense and responses mechanisms. The 2019 competition is scheduled to run between April 2019 where the Regional Winners will be awarded during the Regional Cyber Security Summit.

For more information on how to register your country to participate, please write to

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