Oman Threat Hunters 2018

The ITU- Arab Regional Cybersecurity Centre (ITU-ARCC), hosted by Information Technology Authority and Oman National CERT, and in partnership with Silensec and National Security services group, has organized “Threat Hunters”, a national cybersecurity competition.

As the cybersecurity skills gap continues to grow both in the private and public sectors, cybersecurity competitions have been recognized worldwide as an effective method for finding new cybersecurity talents and to foster the development of the required cybersecurity competences; THREAT HUNTER is a cybersecurity competition targeting the age group (17 – 24) under the umbrella of “Cyber stars” initiative that was designed to address the growing cybersecurity skills gap and to help nations identify and forge the next generation cybersecurity professionals.

The three winners from Oman “Threat Hunters” competition will be nominated to participate in the regional cybersecurity competition which will take place in Kuwait next October.


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